Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Effort That Goes Into Getting It Right

As I am sure other IT techs can attest to, the pressure in getting it right for our clients is enormous! And the worst of the worst are the "Intermittent Problems".  You know, the problems that don't happen all the time and usually happen when the IT tech is not present.  So what do we try to do?  Well for starters we try and get as much information about the problem as we possibly can from the client.  This can be a challenge all in itself.  We need to know the right questions to ask so we can narrow down where to look for the problem and of course while we are asking the questions the client looks at us as if we are from Pluto.  With the very obvious expression on their face of  "What the hell does that have to do with anything?"

I am a big fan of the TV show "House".  For those who haven't watched it House is this narcissistic, pill popping but yet brilliant doctor who specializes in diagnostics.  Through the course of the 1 hour show he gets his diagnosis wrong 3 or 4 times till just before the end of the show he gets his eureka moment, figures it out and the patient gets to live!  Although our jobs are not life and death the premise is the same.

From my years of experience these "Demon Problems" often get resolved by noticing something by pure accident that leads me down that yellow brick road of victory.  Whether it's an obscure pop up message or a very well hidden line in a log file.  But even then, since the problem is intermittent, can we be sure it is fixed?  The only true test is time.  If some time goes by and you haven't heard about the problem reoccurring you can be pretty confident that you nailed it.

That is why it's my philosphy to offer a 30 day warranty on all the work that I do.  It builds that important trust between the client and the IT technician.  Trust that we will be there till the problem is completely resolved and that is priceless...

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